Bistro Express

A La Bonne Cuisine Catering and Events Company


It all started when…

Let’s back up; you may want to know that Bistro Express is the sister company of La Bonne Cuisine Catering and Events. La Bonne Cuisine has been serving the San Francisco Bay area for over 25 years! In that amount of time, the company had amassed a loyal group of clients. From weddings to important corporate events, they have been there. Over the years, it earned a reputation for its innovative dishes and out of the box presentations. In recent years, we noticed that our clients were asking us more and more to cater to their office needs: meetings, benchmark celebrations and even their daily lunches!

That’s when Bistro Express was born. The same chefs that design the outstanding event menus La Bonne Cuisine has been known for, got together and prepared menus and customized geared towards the unique needs of the office. We didn’t stop there; we also asked our clients, and we listened, and what you will find is the result of this process.

Easy. Healthy. Affordable.

We are health nuts over here, and know that you are too. Because of that, we use high quality ingredients; organic as much as possible, and we follow Monterey Aquarium Guidelines.

We also feature dishes that are nut-free, dairy-free, keto, paleo, kosher-style, vegetarian and vegan. If you have any questions about any of our dishes, drop us a line, and we would be happy to tell you more about it. Also, if you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know as well! We will be more than happy to customize a menu for your office needs.

All packages start at a very affordable $15.95 per person, and the ordering process is as easy or as customizable as you want it to be. Order Online, Give Us a Call or Ask for a Customized Quote!

Lastly, if you are looking for a partner to handle all of your office’s food needs, let us know as well. We would love to help your employees stay happy, energized and healthy.

Bon Appetit!

The Bistro Express Team